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Jio Phone Face Lock App Download

The face unlock feature is the latest trend among Android and IPhone users. As everyone knows, that in this technology-driven world, new features is consistently introduced by the companies. Currently, many more interesting features are yet to come. But we all are familiar with the Jio Phone also known to be as the cheapest 4G phone.

But there is news which is viral over the internet from the past few months, that Jio Phone also supports the feature of face lock. A specific application is the only requirement for this feature to come into existence. In this article, we will further discuss that is there any such feature or app which supports face lock for the Jio Phone.

Significant details about Jio Phone Face lock App

Recently there were rumours that Jio Phone also supports face lock features like other high-end smartphones. Jio Phone Face lock App is the application which can be downloaded to use the face unlock feature. But is it really possible? Because any official authorities claim that Jio Phone cannot support face lock feature.

Face lock is a feature that you can place the face in front of the camera and phone will be unlocked without any clicks.  If the phone recognises your face, then only it will be unlocked; otherwise it will be still locked. But Jio Phone doesn’t run on Android version, so there is no chance that the device can get unlocked with such application. But, even many users claim that Jio Phone supports the feature.

Now, we don’t know whether the users are real or this is a marketing strategy of this application over the social media just by using name of Jio Phone. This application is conveniently available on the internet, and many app providers have genuine links of this app. Jio Phone Face lock App is a usual application which is not available on Google Play Store. Hence, we cannot say that this app is genuine or not? The feedbacks of this application are average. When this application got viral on the internet, many users tried downloading this application, but they didn’t succeed.

Can we use face lock feature on Jio Phone?

You also might be a Jio Phone user and want to know the truth of this application. Yes, there are many popular websites on the internet offering download links for this application. But, Jio Phone works on KAI OS, which is totally different from Android. This operating system is especially dedicated to Jio Phone. You should understand that KAI OS cannot support Android APK files. Till now, there is no application or file which supports KAI OS. The final answer is NO, cannot use the Jio Phone Face lock App on your Jio Phone.

This viral news is fake, and I hope your doubts might be cleared about Jio Phone Face lock App.

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