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Diksha App Download For Android

Teachers are considered to be as the parent of the students. As everyone knows, students can comfortably shine their career with flying colours under their assistance. Teachers work hard for their students by offering students best learning inside the classroom. But, there is one such beneficial app for teachers known as Diksha application.

This application is managed by NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education) and backed by MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources Development). The Diksha application is a platform where both students and teachers can learn and update themselves with the latest syllabus. Let’s further known about the Diksha application and its benefits.

Download Diksha App free

What are the interesting facts of the Diksha application?

The Diksha application is an effective way of learning the significant data of their syllabus for both students and teachers. Teachers can easily do multiple revisions of the lessons and prepare themselves. They can even prepare exercise and question banks. With the help of this effective learning method of Diksha application, teachers can create a pleasant atmosphere for their classroom.

Diksha application is always updated with the latest syllabus and add-ons, which is a beneficial point for the teachers. Apart from both teachers and students, parents can also keep an eye on the classroom movements. Parents can also clear their doubts outside the classroom. There are various teachers around the country which upload videos and content for the awareness of updated curriculum.

Teachers can easily download the data of lessons and can view them in their comfort zone. Students can also revise the lesson, which is been learned in the classroom. There are various content creators around the country which are uploading data related to the curriculum. Storing the relevant data is also possible in the Diksha application.

The Diksha application supports various languages such as Telugu and Hindi etc. It is expected that app developers soon add more languages in the upcoming months. This application supports multiple content formats, such as PDF and HTML. Soon the application will support more content formats. There are different courses available in this application, which is designed by the developers with the help of content creators. Teachers can easily choose any course according to their preference and study them accordingly. This application also informs the teachers with the latest announcements disclosed by the State Department.

What are the key benefits of the Diksha application for the students?

There might be difficulties sometimes while learning a subject or lesson. Diksha application is the one stop solution where then doubts will be cleared with the relevant study material. There isa wide range of study materials available which will be helpful while clearing the doubts. Students can also opt for additional material for their subject if possible on the application. The Diksha app download process is simple and can easily be downloaded from the Google Play store.

I hope that you might have got a clear picture of Diksha application.

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